5 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Garage’s Exterior

Traditional 2-stories house. Garage door is a North Hatley LP, 16' x 8', Moka Brown color, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

Is this garage door appealing to you? This is the 16’x 8’ North Hatley LP, in Moka Brown with the Orion 4 vertical lite windows.

Both form and function of garages add increased worth to a home. The overall appearance of the property is more aesthetically pleasing with a well-designed garage adding to the home’s attractiveness, especially when it comes to resale.

Most people envision a total remodel when they want to improve the attraction of their garage while a complete renovation is usually what people envision when they want to update the appearance of their home’s outward appeal; however, bringing enhancing the property doesn’t have to be that extensive.

The 5 methods outlined here are inexpensive methods that will improve the appearance of the outside of your garage and reach your desired outcome quickly.

5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Garage’s Exterior

Highlight your home with ornate stone veneer installed on your new garage or as an improvement to an existing one.

Modern shed & attached garage with Moderno 2 beads design, Black, Harmony window layout garage doors

Do you find these garage doors appealing? These Right-side Harmony window layout are the Moderno 2 beads design available in 6’ x 7’ and 10’ x 8’ sizes.

Stone veneer is an affordable alternative to natural rock made of fibrous cement. Averaging between $10 and $20 per square foot, this upgrade is an inexpensive way to add value to your home.

Create the look of a carriage house with full front coverage; or you can create a focal point above the doors of the garage. Both options have an immediate effect on your home’s appearance; however, using the veneer as an accent covering uses less material and saves you money.

Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the best way to showcase your accent project like gorgeous new stone veneer or you completely modernized with new one-of-a-kind garage doors.

Prestigious house with 2 garages doors in Prestige XL design, Moka Brown colors, Cachet windows

Are These Garage Doors to Your Liking? These 9’ x 8’, Moka Brown, complete with Cachet windows are available in the Prestige XL design.

Planning your outdoor focal lighting influences the way things appear at dusk and later during the night. Your accent lighting should be used to bring attention to specific aspects of your garage, not provide total light to it.

Modern house with the Moderno Multi design, Black, with Azur glass windows garage door

Does this garage door appeal to you? The Moderno Multi design comes with Azur glass windows in Black color.

You don’t have to break the bank to add exterior accent lights. At about $60 each, you can install these exterior lights under windows, over doors, or near other home improvements like new veneer or a freshly designed landscape to put them in the limelight.

Update the Landscaping

A home’s lawn and garden are a large component of how others look at it, much the same way the outside of the garage contributes to how it is viewed.

Plant bushes and flower beds on both sides of your garage door to provide a frame of greenery and color. If greenery is not an option due to cement or pavement, add flower planters, garden boxes or lawn and garden décor.

Giving your lawn a good manicure can help cover many imperfections and provide aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. This improvement is a relatively inexpensive option. For just $20, you can add small trees or 5‑gallon shrubs.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Hardware

The fixtures you install on your home's exterior can be a strategic way to make an instant impression.

You can elevate your entire home’s appearance, taking it from plain to unique with an update to common door hardware such as the handles and hinges. Combine coordinated accent lights with your new door hardware to bring the look together and showcase the new look of the garage.

Traditional house with garage doors: Eastman E-21, 9' x 7', Claystone doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Do you fancy these garage entrances? These Claystone doors with overlays in Ice White are the 9’x 7’ Eastman E-21 with Panoramic 8-lite windows.

Upgrade Your Trim

Garage trim is comprised of much more than just the strip that finishes siding runs. Your garage door is framed in trim that provides a layer of material for the doors to move across. The wear and tear this movement adds to the garage door trim deteriorates it. Your garage appearance appears worn well before the remainder of your house.

You can install new door trim around your garage doors for about $150 per door. While doing this, you can also remove and replace the remaining garage trim, especially if you are also installing a new finish on the outside, like veneer siding.

Door trim averages $150 per door to install. You can update the trim on the rest of the garage at the same time, particularly if you also add a different siding material like stone veneer as an accent. Installing new trim in a color that accents your garage doors will help add focus on your new garage entrance.

Update Your Garage Door

Top 5 home improvement projects for selling your home, according to Remodeling, is a garage door replacement.

Installing a newer model that has more aesthetic appeal and is made of better quality is on the list year after year.

An antiquated garage door, even in the spotlight of new outdoor lighting and surrounded by expertly manicured lawns, doesn’t add to the resale value of your home.

Modern home, light gray stone and iron gray wood, with 2 garage doors in Vog design, 9'x7', Black, Left‑side Harmony window

Are these doors your dream? The 9’ x 7’ Vog design, Left-side Harmony window layout in Black.

Traditional, carriage style or modern, what is your style? What would augment your home frontage and give your home that KNOCKOUT power it needs?

A Black or Chocolate Walnut garage door is the genius way to add distinction to your home. With a cost of only $75 to $150 for a single door (9x7 approx.), you won’t break the bank with this garage update.

Brick and cedar shingle 2-story house with a Regal Shaker‑Flat Long design, 16'x8', Dark Walnut, windows with Richmond Inserts garage door

Is this garage door your ideal choice? The Shaker‑Flat Long design, in Dark Walnut is a 16’x 8’door with Richmond Insert windows.

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