Garage door opener

September 28, 2018
One of those devices of daily life that we take for granted could be our garage door opener. Every morning, we press on the remote, the door opens, and we pull out of the garage. But did you ever stop to think exactly what goes into this operation?
May 25, 2018
So, one of your coworkers showed the office how he can now open and close his garage door from his smartphone. WOW! No more remotes! Now it’s your turn to ask yourself if you too can open your garage door with your smartphone. Here is a guide that will shed some light on this subject.
June 30, 2017
You are building a new garage, and based on your plans, there is a lot of space over the garage door. Are you wondering if there exists another type of door opener besides one with a trolley installed over the center of the door?

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