August 31, 2018

The resale value of your home – consider renovating your garage

Home valueA great way to increase the resale value of your home is to improve its appearance. Enhancing the look of both the inside and outside of your garage is one way to catch buyers’ eyes and sell at a better price when the time comes.

The garage and resale value

Research has determined that the appearance of a home’s facade is a determining factor in the purchase decision. A house that has a shabby exterior with doors and windows in bad shape gives a poor first impression. The garage door is no exception. By representing up to 45% of the width of the front of the home, if it shows signs of age and wear, the overall look of the home is certainly spoiled.

When potential buyers drive up to your property, their initial opinion comes from looking at its exterior. If your garage door looks run down, or operates with difficulty, it will give the impression that the rest of the residence is in questionable condition. As well, if the interior of the garage is unattractive, it could negatively affect their decision.

So here are ways to improve the appearance of your garage:

  • Remodel if necessary – Is your garage unfinished? Then install drywall with sufficient insulation for your geographic area. Repaint the concrete floor to make it attractive, using a paint for that purpose. Add appropriate lighting where needed.
  • Take a little time to paint – A fresh coat, in a light color, will make your garage look new and tidy.
  • Declutter then find a place for what’s left – Objectively evaluate everything in your garage, getting rid of useless items. Then take advantage of all wall space to hang up some items (bicycles, gardening tools, sports items) and use high cabinets or shelving for what’s left. Not only will your garage feel and look bigger, but it will be more functional and appealing.
  • Ensure your garage door works correctly – If your garage door opener doesn’t work correctly, makes too much noise or seems to need a repair, get it inspected and tuned up. Garage door repair specialists can make sure the whole system works as it should.
  • Change your old garage door – If your garage door has seen better days or if its style detracts from the overall look of your home, select a new garage door that enhances the curb appeal of your residence. Not only are garage doors very affordable, but they yield one of the top returns on your investment of all home improvement projects. The amount you put in to this feature of your home will certainly pay off when the time comes to impress potential buyers.

Contact Garaga garage door specialists

Get in touch with our professionals who are specialized in the sale and repair of garage doors. They will be able to advise you and propose various models in steel or aluminum. Another helpful resource is to use our online Design Centre to pick out then view what a new garage door would look like!


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