You should love your garage – here are 5 reasons why!

You should love your garage – here are 5 reasons why!

How do you think of your garage? Or do you even think about it? Sure, it’s where you park your car to keep it out of the elements, pack away your patio furniture and protect your tools and mower. But worry about it? Give it more than a passing thought? Think about improvements? Probably not. Out of sight, out of mind.

But some folks, far from all of us, have set up impressive storage systems that are the envy of most. Sure, you’ve made some minor fix ups, and that has seemed sufficient.

However, maybe you are comfortable with your garage set-up, and see no reason to reorganize it differently.

Let’s shake up the way you’ve been thinking about your garage! Take a look at 5 reasons to start loving your garage and giving it all the needed care, maintenance and improvements it deserves.

First, your garage is a real asset to your home’s value

The fact of having a garage is a real plus for a home for the reasons mentioned above, like parking and storage. But did you realize that a front-facing garage door can represent between 30 and 45% of your home’s façade. This makes it a major feature of the overall look of your residence, as well as being one of its largest rooms. Remember, it is the first thing a visitor sees when pulling in to your driveway.

A garage and, more specifically, a garage door can complement and enhance the home’s appearance. As most any real estate agent or professional evaluator will tell you, improving the interior and exterior appearance of your garage is an excellent way to increase your home’s value and equity. Homebuyers overall place significant value on the presence of a garage, and even more if it is well laid out and functional.

Your garage protects your belongings

When it comes to major purchases, after buying a home it is most likely buying a car. Both entail ongoing insurance and maintenance expenses. The same is true for trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. In order to keep these vehicles safe, sound and protected from the elements, and thus extend their lives, a garage plays a major role.

However, most everyone keeps more than just cars in their garages, things such as sports equipment, seasonal items, tools, even objects of sentimental value. Again, ensuring all of these things are dry and protected is essential.

Lastly, if you have a detached garage and its ceiling height allows for it, why not carve out an overhead storage area to get lesser-used items off the floor.

You walk through the garage, or try to, regularly

A US study has shown that close to 70% of homeowners use their garage as the primary access point to their house. If you’ve had it with finding a path through all the unorganized boxes and objects, then maybe it’s time to tidy it up.

Why not stop procrastinating and put aside some time to straighten it up properly while also making some small improvements. It will be safer and easier for you or other family members to use. As well, you won’t feel embarrassed but instead proud for family and friends to see it.

A cluttered garage can hide potential hazards

A cluttered garage can hide potential hazards

When was the last time you got rid of old containers of flammable or toxic materials? Old cans of paint can be properly recycled, just like old oil or grease. Just check online for approved local depots. A garage that is cluttered or inadequately taken care of is more than an inconvenience - it can be a health and fire risk.

Canned food is permissible but any food items that are not sealed correctly may attract rodents or vermin.

In addition, be aware that a garage filled with clutter and poorly ventilated is a breeding ground for mold or at least the source of bad odors you don’t want to take hold. If you ignore your garage, serious problems make appear in some hidden corner.

You can really enjoy yourself in your garage

You can really enjoy yourself in your garage

Your garage can be transformed into a space for one of your favorite activities or hobbies. It just takes a little creativity and some of your time to pull off this makeover. The garage is a wonderful place for DIY projects, woodworking, and handicrafts. You can also set up a den-like area with a TV to watch your favorite sporting event. You could even start your own home-based business along the lines of Apple or Amazon. Just start looking at your garage as a large, if not the largest, space in your home, and the possibilities are endless.

What would you say…

What would you say to having a garage that increases the value of your home, a neat and well-organized garage, a safe garage where everyone in the family could use to enter and leave the house? The choice is up to you…

For anything involving your garage door system, contact us at 1-877-794-4223. At your request, we can send you a no-obligation quotation by email.

Another option is to come and meet us at our showroom. If you are also planning on changing your garage door, try out ourDesign Centre to select the style of door that best suits you. As well, take a look at our image gallery for inspiration.

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