8 Ways a Smart Garage Door Opener Makes Your Life Easier

Gone are the days of the traditional garage door opener. With the advanced technology available that makes our lives easier, the garage door opener has entered the realm of smart devices. The LiftMaster by Chamberlain is sure to make your life easier. Find out how now!

A few years ago, LiftMaster made improvements and advancements with their garage door opener equipment. That included adding the ability for the devices to be connected to Wi-Fi. The MyQ technology is now incorporated with most of the products available through LiftMaster, which means complete control of the garage door opener from a smartphone or tablet.

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So, it’s possible to control the garage door on your home from anywhere in the world? Yes! As long as your smartphone is connected, you have power from wherever you are.

The LiftMaster 85503 is one model of garage door opener that offers this unique option, along with other incredible features like:

  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • 2-way communications
  • Camera
  • Complete remote control from smartphone or tablet

Check on your garage whenever you want

Take a look at your built-in garage door camera and take advantage of:

  • Crystal-clear night vision
  • 1080p HD video live-streaming
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Motion detection

What does all this do to make your life more efficient?

It gives you the ability to view what’s going on at home whenever someone enters through the garage door.

Your kiddos walking in after school; a neighbor that came to borrow some tools; the cable company you hired to make changes to your service, or an uninvited guest snooping around where they shouldn’t be.

What you can see from your smartphone device when somebody activates your garage door opener as they get through your garage door.

This is an example of what you’ll be able to visualize from your smartphone or tablet when you install a garage door with the smart technology that includes a built-in camera.

Anybody that you’ve given access to your garage will pop up on the camera.

As soon as the garage door opener is activated, you get it all in real-time.

How is Access Granted to the Garage Anyway?

Between the MyQ app and the smart LiftMaster garage door opener, there are two different ways to give access to your garage.

1. One time access for a neighbor, contractor, or visitor:

  • Have them notify you when they’re in your driveway, ready to enter the garage.
  • You open the garage door remotely from your smart device.
  • Watch them enter, close the door remotely behind them.
  • Have them let you know when they are completed with the task, and you can repeat the same process for their departure.

What if you’re not available? The method mentioned works efficiently if you have access to your phone all the time, but what if you’re in a meeting, away from your device, or at the doctor’s office?

2. Grant access easily through the MyQ app

Utilize three different simple access methods available on the MyQ application:

A little girl taking a walk with a big dog.

  1. Recurring weekly access can be set up for an individual who comes to your home every week at a certain time.
  2. Give temporary access to a contractor or other person that has a specified date and time of arrival by setting it based on the appointment confirmation.
  3. Provide permanent access to those that are trusted and continually access the garage: kids, parents, relatives.

Take a look at these 6 images and see how simple giving access is

How it looks on your smartphone: LiftMaster MyQ app first lets you choose your relationship with the user you add. Then you either choose if it's a temporary, recurrent or always access.

What does it look like from a smartphone? Select your relationship with the user first through the MyQ app. Then decide if it’s a recurring, always, or temporary access situation.

Selecting a recurring and temporary is pretty intuitive. You select a day or many days, then you select at what time each guest gets access and at what time this access ends.

How do you know whether to chooserecurring or temporary access? This is up to you entirely. Get distinctive with the dates and times you want each person to have the ability to get in and out of your garage by setting up entry and exit access schedules. If you have more than one garage door opener, you can set them up differently.

When you’re allowing a guest user into your garage, you start by sending them an email invitation for downloading the MyQ application. They will then create their own account, and you can visually track what’s happening while you’re away.

The MyQ application includes a feature that allows homeowners to set up notifications to see what users are doing with their devices in real-time. The event history also includes all the activity that has occurred already.

WHAT TO KNOW – Guest users will not be granted access to:

  • Camera
  • History
  • Garage door configuration functions
  • Gate or commercial openers
  • Camera feed

Grasping the concept of the feature’s offered through possible scenarios

  • Does the cleaning crew arrive at the same time every Thursday morning to freshen up your home? Give them recurring access and know when they show up and when they leave.
  • Get the new appliance you’ve been told will arrive between 10 and 11 am on a Thursday without skipping out of work or other obligations. Let the delivery crew know that the door will be accessible for one hour, and you will have a record of everything they do while in your garage.
  • The boy next door mows your lawn twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays right after school. Give him access to your garage, and you’ll know when he’s there for the lawnmower and for how long.

Can you believe you can do all that from your garage door opener? Pretty wild, right?

Funny picture! Jakie Chan is mind blown!

If that’s not enough, take a look at this mind-blowing feature!

Talk with people, or pets, in your garage from wherever you are while they’re in there!

LiftMaster 85503 offers 2-way communication built-in:

  • 2-way audio
  • Volume adjustments
  • On/off microphone control

After your alert notification goes off letting you know that someone has entered your garage, you can sit and have a chat with them from your car, office, or while on vacation.

As Rachel is entering your garage door, you get notified and you can say "Hi, Rachel." and give her instructions if she is your housekeeper or say you love her if she's your mom.

You get a notification that Rachel has just accessed the garage and you can reply with…

"Hey, Rachel! Glad to see you made it."

Let her know if there are any last-minute changes and give her instructions that may have been altered before she continues into the house or on to whatever she’s doing at your property.

Tell her the dog hasn’t been eating much, but you want to make sure she fills up the water bowl if she’s there to walk your pet. Tell your wife you can’t wait to see her in a few hours or point out to the housecleaning crew your windows need some extra TLC this week.

The peace and security of your home - expanded

As the most advanced garage door opener on the market, the LiftMaster 85503 offers additional technological safety features that users can’t stop raving about:

  • Sensors for safety > Photo-cell safety beams are incorporated into the garage door opener, and they stop the door from accidentally closing when there is an obstacle in the way.
  • Send a new code with every click. SECURITY+ 2.0 safeguards > What does that mean for garage door access? Dishonest individuals and criminals who use universal-style remotes in hopes of randomly accessing garage doors won’t have any luck at your home.
  • Reliable battery backup > What does it promise? Even when the power goes out, you can still get your car in and out of the garage door by using the application on your smart device.
  • Protection against forced openings electronically > How does it work? The garage door sensors can pick up when someone is trying to force the door open and automatically denies access.
  • Lights and sounds > Alert-2-close > Why is it important? When you’re closing the door from your smartphone or tablet, the alerts tell people in or nearby that the door is being operated.

    Two little girls playing close to a garage door while closing. The photo-cell safety beams are activated for more safety.
  • Lighting from motion detection – never stumble around in a dark garage again.

The LiftMaster 85503 and smartphone combination feature options

Here’s a quick recap of the first four, just so that you don’t forget how incredible this smart garage door opener is!

  1. Operate the garage door from anywhere in the world using your smart device.
  2. Grant access to who you want when you want without handing out keys or passwords.
  3. Check out your garage in real-time with camera access.
  4. 2-way communications allow you to talk to people and answer questions right from the garage.

Bonus features experienced by users of the LiftMaster 85503 smart garage door opener

  1. Custom alert and notification settings. You decide if you want a notification every time something activates your garage door or if you’re only looking for particular details.
  2. Check on the garage after rushed exit. You finally arrive at work, vacation, or the appointment you left in such a hurry for. You sit down and wonder, did I shut the garage door? In the past, you could call a friend or neighbor and hope they would be able to check on it for you. If not, your belongings are left wide open for intruders. Now, just check the app, and you can close the garage door if you see that it’s been left open.
  3. Have deliveries placed in the garage when ordering online. Unfortunately, stealing packages happens, and the weather is unpredictable. Leave a note to leave the delivery in the garage, and gain peace of mind.
  4. Activity history is accessible with a 7‑day or 30‑day video storage option. It’s offered through a monthly subscription.

    Alert Occured on your LiftMaster MyQ app: Garage door remains open 9:00 PM, Nov. 1

Is now the right time to change your garage door opener?

Let’s start with the safety and security of new garage door openers. Were you aware that 9% of burglars enter homes through the garage door? Additionally, it’s now a law that garage doors have sensors, but if yours was installed before 1993, it doesn’t because it wasn’t required. So, YES, you should definitely think about upgrading your model for both safety and security.

Is a garage door with a camera something that’s a little outside of what you consider to be essential? Are you worried the massive opener won’t fit on your ceiling?

If the one we’ve discussed thus far isn’t what you’re looking for, we have several door opener models for you to review.

Here is a helpful Infographic to get you started on your research. We know that looking at all the features, electrical components, and other bits and pieces of garage door descriptions can be overwhelming. The infographic helps to simplify the process.

Contact us today at 705-254-6009 to speak with an expert about our options.

At SOO Overhead Doors, garage doors, and garage door openers are what we know and what we’re passionate about. Talk with us about your budget, your garage door specifications, and what you’re expecting from your purchase, and we will use our expertise to match you up with the perfect device.

Is it time to replace the old, worn-out garage door too? Use our three styles to help select the ideal garage door for your property. Try putting your creativity to use and create your own garage door with our Design Centre. Don’t forget to browse all our pictures while you’re in there.

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