November 30, 2018

Tips to reduce the noise of your garage door

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Just like with a car, we often get used to small noises or irregularities with our garage door. If the door opener seems to be working correctly, we tend to ignore small sounds. However, with a car, we all know that regular tune-ups are highly recommended regardless if it seems to be running properly.

By chance, are you one of those homeowners whose garage door makes so much noise that your neighbors know when you get home? You are? Well then here are some tips to help you make it quieter and maybe stop you from being woken up late at night when a family member pulls their car into the garage.

Make sure metal parts that come in contact are lubricated

Lubrication is the first thing that needs to be done if you want to extend the life of your garage door system. When it was installed, any professional garage door installer would have sufficiently lubricated all necessary parts so that the system operated properly for 12 to 15 months. After this time, just like any domestic equipment or object that is used frequently and under varying environmental conditions, it is important to carry out some lubricating of moving parts, particularly for metal components that interact with other ones.

What lubricant should be used? One that you probably already have handy: motor oil, like that used for your car, lawnmower, snowmobile, etc. What shouldn’t be used? That would be both WD‑40, because it’s a degreaser, and automobile grease, which people tend to put on the curve and horizontal portions of garage door tracks. If you have applied this grease, use a rag to wipe it all off. Keep in mind that a roller is supposed to “roll” in its track and not slide.

Apply motor oil to the hinges, rollers and lift springs. Go in moderation. For springs, use a cloth to apply it over the whole length and around the springs. For hinges and rollers, keep another cloth handy and remove any excess so that it does not drip on your car when the door is in the open position. It is always better to repeat this operation twice a year, before and after the winter season, than to think by putting double the amount, it will last longer.

Also, don’t overlook the external frame weatherstripping, especially if it is in PVC. Use a silicone-based lubricant to protect it and keep it supple. This lubricant can be used for any other type of door you have in your home. The best example: your patio door and its screen where you can apply it to the track. In addition to not staining, it will make your doors slide easily.

What’s more, be aware that any good garage door installer will also offers you 2 types of lubricants for your garage door.

Tighten bolts and screws

It may sound a little strange, but yes, since your garage door uses several different components in order to work properly, all bolts and screws must be tightened sufficiently. Pay special attention to hinge screws and make sure they haven’t loosened. As well, check the bolts at the ends of the horizontal tracks attached to the ceiling by perforated metal brackets. If you see the horizontal tracks moving when the door is in motion, don’t delay in tightening the bolts.

Is it time to change the rollers?

Metal rollers are a common source of noise that is not always seen at first glance. Carefully observe the steel rods that hold the rollers. Does everything seem to be securely attached together? Are the rollers “rolling” instead of sliding in the rail? If everything is working as it should, lubrication will be sufficient to ensure proper operation.

If, however, your metal rollers don’t seem to be doing the job, nylon rollers could be for you. There are two kinds: black nylon rollers without ball bearings and 11‑ball bearing steel rollers covered in white nylon. For a 9′ x 7′ door, the black will certainly work, while for a double, 16′ garage door, white rollers are a good choice.

And last but not least, your electric garage door opener

This is an area that needs careful examination because a lot of noise can come from poorly adjusted components of the opener. If your opener is less than 7 years old, there is very little maintenance to do. No lubrication or oil to add. But take a quick look at the chain or belt drive to see if it needs to be a little tighter. Depending on the make of the opener, refer to the maintenance guide that was provided to you (worst case, you could download it from the manufacturer’s website). There is also a soundproofing method for the opener that is treated below.

Over 7 years old? Or, in fact, do you really know how old it is? Not sure? Then look on the motor housing after removing the plastic cover that protects the light bulb. Frequently the manufacturing year is written there. If it is more than 15 years old, it really deserves to be changed, primarily for safety reasons but also to take advantage of the considerable advances in technology since 2006. Furthermore, is there a chain or chain-cable combination on the trolley that pulls the garage door? Is the track for the opener made in 3 sections, held together with bolts that always need to be tightened?

If the time has come to change the door opener, look for a ½ HP model with a metal-reinforced rubber belt drive and a one-piece track.

There are other options to consider and to have added in your quotation done by a garage door professional. Is there a room over the garage, for instance a bedroom? If yes, then there is a way to attach the door opener and its track system to the ceiling by using rubber noise isolators that can reduce noise transmission considerably.

Not enough time to take care of everything?

Then we are the garage door specialist in your area who can assist you. Don’t delay and contact us toll-free at 1-877-794-4223! We can provide you with a 28‑point tune-up program for your garage door that will get it back in tip top condition so you can sleep soundly.

We know garage doors better than anyone else. We will be able to advise you and explain the best choice to make based on your precise needs while respecting your budget. As well, we can send you a quotation by email.

Alternately, you can come and meet us at our showroom. Thinking of a new garage door? Then use our Design Centre to choose the style that suits you best. Lacking inspiration? Then peruse our image gallery to get lots of ideas.

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