April 27, 2018

Are you moving? Here are 5 steps to prepare the garage

Moving box

For people who have moved several times in their lives, you probably remember that the garage is frequently the last room you take care of. Yet there are many reasons why it should be done first. Often the garage is the place where we keep all sorts of thing that are occasionally used or indeed, where we put keepsakes that are often forgotten.

If you are planning to move in the next year, here are simple tips that will help to reduce your stress and make sure it goes smoothly, especially if you are using a specialized moving company.

Step 1: Figure out what you have

While going through our things, we are often surprised to find some object we forgot we had. You need to sort these into 4 groups:

  • those things we really want to bring to the new house,
  • objects that we would like to sell, whether at a garage sale or on an online classified advertising site,
  • those things that can be given to charity,
  • and the last group, those thing no ones can use that should be thrown away or recycled.

Now and then, you need to ignore those feelings of “Oh, we might still use it”, and learn how to let go.

Step 2: Be sure you have the right materials to do the job properly

If you are ready to start wrapping things, ensure you have cardboard boxes of various sizes and strengths. You should also have bubble wrap or newspaper to wrap fragile items. Lastly, equip yourself with 2‑inch shipping tape, in clear or brown, to close boxes properly. In fact, start by adding this tape to the bottom of boxes to reinforce them.

Step 3: Things that can’t be wrapped…

If you are using a moving company, check what items cannot be transported in their truck. This definitely includes all flammable products, like gas tanks, cans of paint, propane tanks and aerosol cans. Therefore, it is useless to wrap these. Contact a recycling center to see how you can properly get rid of these articles.

Some movers will clearly explain that you must empty all gas tanks in your small machines, like lawnmowers and snowblowers.

Step 4: Labeling boxes well is the key to success.

To do it right, use different color labels according to the room where the boxes will end up. Use a wide-tip marker with indelible ink. Specially mark boxes that are fragile. Often, you can buy stickers pre‑printed with the word “Fragile” or with a pictogram of a wine glass to put on boxes that must be handled with care.

Once again, arrange your boxes of garage items by those that must be moved, those for a garage sale and those to give to charity.

Step 5: How to wrap your items

  • Place objects that go together, like the tools on your workbench, in the same box.
  • Use bubble wrap to protect sharp or very fragile items.
  • If you have kept the original packaging, use it.
  • If any objects can be disassembled so they take less space in the truck, like bicycles or wood or metal shelving, to it.
  • Lastly, don’t make boxes so heavy that they crush other boxes they are stacked on in the truck.

To avoid any last-minute stress, start getting ready a few months before your planned moving date. Start with your garage because it is very possible you’ll be using it to store objects coming from other rooms in your house. Get help if needed from a friend or relative. At times, they can give valuable advice when it comes time to part with certain memorabilia from your past.

If you are moving within the same area where you live presently and you see that the garage door in your new house deserves a good tune-up or even an outright change, just contact us anytime at 1-877-794-4223.

If you are too busy, we can send you a detailed quotation by email. We can happily come to your new home and explain the whole range of garage doors on the market. We will also advise you on the best choice to make. A good idea is using our Design Centre, or look at our image gallery to get ideas and inspiration.

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